N95 Respirator Fit-Testing Strike Team

N95 Respirator fit testing of Boyton nurses.This team has been trained and drilled in the method used to fit-test N95 masks on an emergent basis.

Team Lead: Anne Ehrenberg

U of M MRC N95 Respirator Fit Testing Team
Team Member Roles and Responsibilities

Team Member Roles
1. Forms Reviewer
- Qualifications: Any registered MD, RN, NP, PA
- Duties:  Reviews Respirator Medical Evaluation Form 

2. Supply/logistics staff
- Qualifications: Any registered U of M MRC student, staff or faculty.
- Duties: Assists with fit-testing station set-up, collects and files paperwork, Reorganizes fit-testing station between groups, Assists with take-down once fit-testing sessions are completed 

3. Fit-Tester
- Qualifications: Any registered U of M MRC student, staff or faculty trained in Fit-testing procedure
- Duties: Administers fit-test of N95 respirators 

Team Member Responsibilities

1. Required Training:
View MRC On-line Orientation
- View National Incident Management Course: The National Incident Management System  (NIMS) & the Incident Command System (ICS):  A Primer for Volunteers. This training provides an initial orientation to the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and the Incident Command System (ICS) for individuals who plan to volunteer during an emergency or disaster.

2. Additional Recommended Training:
- Psychological 1st Aid Course (in person or on-line). On-line training available here
PODs (Points of Dispensing): Public Health Training for Staff and Volunteers

3. Participate in scheduled and just-in-time N95 fit testing sessions as available

4. Stay current on MRC activities (MRC newsletters and MRC emails)

5. Keep MRC registry contact information update

Team Member Time Commitment:
- Complete approximately 2-3 hours of background training (outlined above) 
- Attend 1or 2 team meetings a year