Medical Reserve Corps

No active deployments at this time.

Important upcoming MRC event: Staff Staging Drill

Join our team of students, faculty, and staff who make a difference when our communities need it the most.

The University's Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) Program offers students, staff, and faculty members from the Academic Health Center and Boynton Health an opportunity to be of service to their community during a public health emergency or disaster. 

Since 2004, the University's MRC has aided in emergency response and public health initiatives on campus and at the local, state, and national level in a timely and effective manner and in so doing has provided unique educational and experiential opportunities for Academic Health Center students, staff, and faculty. 


Upcoming Events


MRC Staff Staging Drill
Date: Thursday, November 15
Time: Arrive anything between 11:30am and 1:00pm for a 15 minute walk-through

The Medical Reserve Corps gives me an opportunity to give back to the University community. —Mark Holub, Boynton Health

Coordinator's Update

Member Spotlight

 "I see the MRC as a unique opportunity for someone without medical specialization (or much spare time) to provide support preparing for, and carrying out, activities when my community needs it the most."